Jamaal Wilkes

Silk. In the history of the NBA imagine what it’s like to own the nickname that represents being the smoothest player ever in the league. That honor goes the player whose teams won whenever he was on the roster: Jamaal Wlikes. The two-time All-American and NCAA Champion for UCLA, played 12 seasons in the NBA. He played for the Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers and the LA Clippers. In his first year in the NBA, Jamaal earned the 1975 Rookie of the Year. He was on 4 NBA Championship teams, earned 3 NBA All-Stars, All-Defensive Team for 2 seasons. He played in three All-Star games. To get a sense for how good Jamaal was, consider that Legendary UCLA Coach Wooden referred to Jamaal as the “ideal player.” Praise doesn’t get much higher than that. One of the most overlooked games in Silk’s career was game six in the 1980’s NBA finals. Magic Johnson was the headline story for his role-playing center and scoring 42 points, but without Wilkes scoring 37 points the Lakers would have never prevailed.

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