Alex English

Alex English may be one of the most underrated Legends of his NBA era. After graduating from his home state school, University of South Carolina where he scored a record 1,972 points, he was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1976. Known for his quiet demeanor and smooth play, many believe his talents weren’t taken advantage of during his time with the Bucks and the Indiana Pacers and this was proved out when he became the dominant scorer in the league after joining the Denver Nuggets in 1979. At a time when the NBA was packed full of legendary players Alex English not only ended-up setting almost every team record for the Nuggets (Most career points (21,645), assists (3,679), games (837) and minutes (29,893), but he also was the first player to achieve eight straight 2,000-point seasons making him THE top scorer in the eighties. Let that sink-in. The man is a true legend.

Alex's #2 was retired by the Nuggets in 1992 and he was elected to the Naismith Hall of Fame in 1997. Following his retirement from the league he went on to join the coaching ranks with the Atlanta Hawks, the 76ers, Raptors and Sacramento Kings.